Friday, June 26, 2009

Pickering to Speak to Laurel Tea Party 6/30

Judge Charles Pickering will be the keynote speaker at "Tea Party II: Spirit of 1176" on June 30 at 6pm at the Jones County Courthouse in Laurel, Mississippi. The Hattiesburg American reports:
The event is sponsored by the 912 Project of Jones County, a non-partisan political group that advocates a return to principles and values in government. It is open to the public.

Pickering has served as Laurel city prosecutor, a state senator, president of the Mississippi Southern Baptist Convention and a federal judge.

He authored "Supreme Chaos: The Politics of Judicial Confirmation & the Culture War" and "A Price Too High: The Judiciary in Jeopardy."
For more information on the event: 912 Project Hattiesburg

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